The difference between ordinary briquettes and Kalamata Olive briqs

Very little smoke is formed, even when grease from the grate drips into the olive briqs from time to time. The briquettes are also spark-free, so when you grill, sparks do appear.

An organic and environmentally friendly product for nature and health. Olive briquettes are obtained from the residual products in olive oil production. Our Greek briquettes are made by pressing the olives into olive oil. The residual product, ie the kernels, is then burned to make carbon and mixed with water and natural starch to form briquettes. Heat energy from olive pit remnants has been used in Greece for a long time and has traditionally been used as fuel pellets in boilers and stoves.

The olive briquettes are odorless and do not affect the taste of the food being prepared.

The olive briquettes are 100% natural and contain no chemicals. The olive briquettes are organic, which means that you grill without ingesting any chemicals.

Start cooking with Olive briquettes - glow and heat

The olive briquettes have slow and steady combustion. You get an even heat distribution that lasts a long time. About 6 hours burning time, double the time if you use a kamado oven and can regulate the heat.

Olive briquettes give an optimal heat value of  6366 kcal / kg

Olive briquettes are very easy to light and it takes about 15-20 minutes.

When the briquettes are covered with grayish ash, the glow bed is ready and you can start grilling. This takes about 20 minutes.

The olive briquettes burn longer and provide more heat than traditional briquettes.
You will use fewer briquettes than with normal wood briquettes, which is an economic advantage.

In order to safely extinguish the Briquettes, all you have to do is shut off the oxygen supply. This will cause the briqs in the BBQ to gradually cool down.

Green Grilling: Minimize the Eco Impact of Your Summer Cookouts

Kalamata Olive briquettes are organic and certified as biofuel. The olive briquettes are made from 100% certified ecologically recyclable biomass of olive kernels.

Olive briquettes are an environmentally smart choice, they have 30% less carbon dioxide emissions than charcoal and briquettes made from wood pulp.

By choosing Kalamata Olive Briquettes, conscious consumers can promote:

• To protect and preserve our natural world for future generations

• Reduce deforestation

• Recycling and sustainability

• Reduce environmental impact

The olive briquettes are made from residual products from olive oil production. 100% of the used water is recycled from production. The packaging is made of recycled paper. All bags are 100% climate-neutral and FSC Certified.

Olive briquettes in charcoal grills and Kamado ovens

Whether you have a kettle grill, a barrel charcoal grill, or a smoker you can use Kalamata Olive Briquettes. The briquettes are suitable for all types of charcoal grills, with or without lids. As the briquettes are 100% natural, you always grill completely organic, with even heat distribution. And at the same time, you also save the environment with 30% less carbon dioxide emissions.
Our briquettes give a long and steady heat to all types of grills and are easy to light.

It is perfect to use olive briquettes in a kamado oven. The olive briquettes provide a steady and long heat without getting too hot for the ceramic grill.
The olive briquettes emit very little ash, which is especially important for a kamado oven that works through air circulation.
The olive briquettes are non-toxic without additives. A kamado oven is a closed system with a closed lid and therefore it is important to use clean fuel without additives.
(Using ordinary briquettes is not recommended in a kamado oven as the air circulation is blocked due to a lot of ash is created from the briquettes of wood.)

It is perfect to use the olive briquettes when smoking in your BBQ or kamado. The olive briquettes are used as a heat source in your smoker or kamado oven and you add the smoke through smoke wood chips, or smoke wood chunks. You can vary the taste by choosing different types of wood chips.

How to smoke with olive briquettes and wood chunks

Soak 1 handful of wood chips of any kind for about 1 hour.

Light your grill or smoker with the olive briquettes and set the desired temperature. The lower the heat the better results for smoking.

Place the damp wood chips straight on the glowing briqs and smoke your product.

You can use olive briquettes for a quick grilling of burgers and sausages as well as for a long overnight low and slow session for a brisket.
If you only want to grill something simple for a short while, you can shut down your kamado by restricting the air supply and the briquettes will stop burning.

You can use the extinguished briqs again next time. First, remove the old ashes, then supplement the briqs and reignite the kamado.
For a longer session low and slow, light your briquettes, set the heat on your grill, kamado, or smoker. If you cook at a low temperature equal to 100 degrees, one filling with briquettes will last for about 10 hours of cooking.
In other words, you can light your kamado or smoker with briquettes in the evening, and prepare your favorite dish on low heat overnight and your food is perfectly cooked in the morning on one batch of briquettes.

Cooking techniques and methods

Grilling is one of the oldest cooking techniques and methods of preparing food. Lighting the fire, gathering around the fire, and cooking together evokes pleasant memories in most people.
Grilling “directly” is a quick method that is perfect for a juicy piece of meat, fish, or vegetables. It is simple, fast, and always good.

Bake, make pizza, slow cook och smoke – all prepared with indirect grilling. 

On the charcoal grill, move some of the briquettes to the side. Then place the ingredient or dish in the middle of the grill. In this way, the grill with its lid is converted into an oven and the dish is cooked with the help of the heat in the grill, ie the dish is not placed directly over the fire.

If you bake pizza or bread, put a baking stone in your grill and bake on top of it.

In a kamado or Big Green Egg, work with a heat shield or convEGGtor in between the briquettes and the food. It protects your dish against the direct heat from the glowing briqs and at the same time ensures that the heat can circulate throughout the kamado, allowing your dish to cook evenly, like in a hot air oven. 

When cooking indirectly, always keep the ceramic lid of the kamado closed as much as possible. If you have to open the lid, do this carefully in 2 steps, to prevent a backdraft.

Another cooking technique with the olive briquettes is “caveman style”. Place the meat, potatoes, or root fruits directly on the glowing briquettes. When cooking Cavemen style it is extra important that you use a clean and non-toxic heat source such as olive briquettes.
Set the grill for indirect cooking with a heat shield at 120°C.

Bring the steak to room temperature and season all sides with salt and pepper. Cook until the internal temperature reaches 52°C for medium-rare; remove from the kamado and cover.
Set the kamado for direct cooking without a heat shield 280°C.

Place the steak directly on the coals and cook for 1 minute. Flip the steak and cook for another minute. Remove from the coals and add the butter to the top of the steak. Let the steak rest for 8-10 minutes, slice, and serve.

It is excellent to use the olive briquettes when smoking. The olive briquettes are used as a heat source in your smoker or kamado oven and you create the smoke with wood chips or wood chunks.  You can vary the taste by choosing different types of wood chips.

How to smoke with olive briquettes and wood chips/chunks:

Soak 1 handful of wood chips of any kind for about 1 hour.

Light your grill or smoker with the olive briquettes and set the desired temperature. The lower the heat the better the smoking.

Place the damp smoke chips straight on the glow and smoke your product on the grid. 


1st  price Europe 2009  EMAS Verified Environmental Management

1st price Greece 2010   EMAS Verified Environmental Management

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