About Us

Cook More Using Less

From the pristine olive groves in the countryside of Kalamata, Greece to your backyard.

For years, the olive oil industry has struggled to find a way to dispose of the waste it produces  with minimal effects on the environment.  During the olive oil extraction process, a biomass waste known as pomace, is produced.  Historically, this biomass waste was sent to landfills, which contaminated the soil and made its way into streams.  Any attempt to compost or burn the waste was complicated by the fact that it required expensive pre-treatment.  The olive oil industry is a huge enterprise in Greece and the disposal of waste from the manufacturing process has been a serious problem…until now.

We follow a Simple Circular Formula

renewable Greek olive pits

Leftovers from the olive oil production

Natural binding agents

100% free from any toxic chemicals

Olive Pits Briquettes

Produced with methods that are friendly to the environment

Why choose for Kalamata Olive Briqs?

Kalamata Olive Briqs are an eco-innovative product manufactured without cutting down and burning trees to make charcoal.  Our company’s core values are centered around the protection of the environment, reducing deforestation, recycling and sustainability, but without taking the fun out of using your BBQ!

No smell or smoke

Excessive smoke and ash can irritate eyes and lungs.

Doesn't spark

No unexpected sparks flying around that could end up on your hands and arms.

Easy to light up

To ignite the Briquettes us a Charcoal Chimney or an Electronic Charcoal Starter.

High heating power

High calorific value (extreme high heating power) of 6366 kcal/kg.

Free of chemicals

Free from: Borax, Petroleum, Anthracite coal, Sodium nitrates, Paraffin or other chemicals

Friendly to the environment

Emits 30% less carbon monoxide than wood charcoal.