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 Kalamata olive briquettes is the new way of grilling, the environmentally friendly way. Patented eco-labeled briquettes made from the olive pits.

Green Grilling With BBQ Briquettes

  • Organically certified – with circular economic production
  • Waste to value – biomass converted to energy
  • No smell – no sparkles – little smoke 
Olives Briqs-4

Easy to light up and burns longer

  • High heating power of 6366 kcal/kg
  • 30% less carbon monoxide emission compared to wood charcoal
  • Retain an even heat over 4-10 hours depending on heat and cooking method

Best for your Grill

100 % organic and natural – Easy to light up and burns longer than regular briquettes

We produce our  Kalamata olive briqs in Kalamata, the largest single olive growing area in the European Union, located in the south-west of the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece. 

As a certified manufacturer of olive briquettes, we buy the natural waste from olive oil production from small-scale farmers in the region and then produce our olive briquettes from the kernel mass that is formed after the olive oil has been pressed. 


No Toxic

Safe n’ Lab

Kalamata Olive Briqs. In The Press

“I started using Olive Briqs in my Big Green Egg and immediately fell in love with the product. Imagine a charcoal that imparts great flavor, burns longer, cleaner, hotter (or slower) and comes from a sustainable source!”

Craig Wakefield

Chef, Product Developer & BBQ Enthusiast

Patented EKO-innovative product

Our Greek briquettes are made from the residual product from olive oil production. The olive kernels are burned into coal, mixed with water and natural starch, and formed into briquettes. The heat energy from the olive kernels has been used as a heat source in Greece since ancient times and now we use it for briquettes. No trees have been cut to produce our olive briquettes. We have a circular economic production and we have won several awards for this year’s most EKO innovative sustainable product and our products is certified by the The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC).

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Kalamata Olive Briqs are an eco-innovative product manufactured without cutting down and burning trees to make charcoal.